#NephMadness 2019: The Filtered Four

The 2019 NephMadness Championship Matchup is almost here! ICYMI, catch up on the results of the Saturated 16 and the Effluent 8.

How are the Blue RIbbon Panel doing? How is your own Bracket doing? Tweet your reactions with #Nephmadness!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present:

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Hypertension Region vs Exercise Region

Athletes on Dialysis stayed with US HTN Guidelines for most of the game but got into foul trouble late, leading to a US HTN Guidelines win.

US HTN Guidelines wins 5-4.

Comments from the BRP:

BP guidelines BIG YAWN – sorry, Swap.”

“My favorite of the remaining options because it has so much direct benefit to patients. Set aside the myths about what can and cannot safely be achieved on dialysis and bring in options which patients can play their own part in.”

“We have to get HTN right. The public health and economic implications are enormous.”

“New HTN guidelines are groundbreaking and extremely relevant to public health – they have the 3-point shot.”

#HTNRegion Commentary: Hustle and Heart Set US Hypertension Guidelines Apart by Dia Waguespack

Hospitalist Nephrology Region vs Pain Region

Another close match-up in the second game of the Effluent 8. Opioids and Perioperative ACE-i prove why they won in their individual regions’ matchups and played a hard-fought close game but in the end, a half-court, Hail Mary buzzer beater led to a team Opioids win.

Opioids wins 5-4.

Comments from the BRP:

“You can have pain or you can have no pain but be confused and have myoclonic jerks. These are unacceptable options.”

“Pain relief is oft-sought and not consistently achieved for kidney patients who may suffer a double hit by not being able to access meds which could help them, but may (or may not) cause greater problems in the future.”

“Pain is so common and we have few options other than opioids.”

“You cannot ignore the epidemic – literally in my backyard and spreading to my neighbors.”

#PainRegion Commentary: Novick Nominates Opiods For the Win by Tessa Novick

Volume Assessment Region vs Hepatorenal Region

While Norepinephrine pretty easily won their region and advanced to the Effluent 8, they were no match for New School. New School proved that despite their ‘new’ status in the field, they are a true contender and trounced Norepinephrine.

New School wins 8-1.

Comments from the BRP:

“Volume kills, gotta assess it better.”

“Yes to innovation, yes to looking at ways to better estimate volume and maybe get closer to what patients, e.g. in the SONG study, about feeling more comfortable on dialysis.”

“Let’s bring body fluids into the 21st century.”

“Very close call-down to the wire-but new school rules.”

#VolumeRegion Commentary: New Tricks of An Old Trade – Volume Management in Chronic Dialysis by Tushar Chopra

Plasma Exchange Region vs Complement Region

This game was a real nail-biter. Pre-Transplant hit a huge 3-pointer to tie the game up with 1 second to go in regulation forcing the game in to overtime. But it was C3-i and Beyond that came up with quick jump shot from the corner to go up by 1 point with time expiring.

C3-i and Beyond wins 5-4.

Comments from the BRP:

“Anything that improves Tx outcome goes far. A renal Tx changes lives like few things.”

“A changed choice for me here as this may be more impactful , practical, and cheaper in a wider group…”

“Complement is just so pervasive even if I can’t remember the cascade.”

“Expanding kidney transplant access will save lives, reduce cost, improve outcomes.”

#ComplementRegion Commentary: Complement Inhibition in Post-Transplant Thrombotic Microangiopathy by Mythili Ghanta


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Current Standings  | NephMadness 2019 | #NephMadness | #Filtered4


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