#NephMadness 2019: The Left and Right Kidneys

30 teams eliminated…Are you still in it to win it or has the Blue RIbbon Panel crushed your bracket? Tweet your reactions! #Nephmadness

The Filtered Four games have concluded. Without further delay, we present to you:

Current Standings Match Results | NephMadness 2019 | #NephMadness

Hypertension Region vs Pain Region

Given how deep we are in the tournament, this game was a shocking blowout with US HTN Guidelines showing their true depth with a good balance of a strong offense and defense to easily beat Opioids.

US HTN Guidelines wins 7-2.

Comments from the BRP:

“Simple – pain relief, much needed, not constantly given – how much, for whom, and how harmful?”

“The Dominator!!!!”

Volume Assessment Region vs Complement Region

In the matchup to become the Right Kidney, it was clear who had championship material, as New School wiped the floor with C3-i and Beyond!

New School wins 7-2.

Comments from the BRP:

“Innovation is sooo slow in kidney care, let’s harness these New School tools and get better at estimating fluid, wherever it’s hiding, and make it easier on the patient (and their heart).”

“Bye bye, C3-i and beyond.”


The NephMadness 2019 Champion will be announced on Monday!

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Current Bracket:


Current Standings Match Results | NephMadness 2019 | #NephMadness 


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