Save the Date for #NephMadness 2021

NephMadness 2021 will officially begin on Monday, March 1, 2021! If you want to organize a #NephMadnessParty for your group, set it up between March 1-31 and put it on your group calendar now

In the past, we’ve been amazed at the ingenious creativity of many groups when they get together to debate and complete their group bracket – see these examples from @VCU_Nephrology and @IINefroUMB.

Last year, we launched NephMadness in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when we became all too familiar with the terms “social distancing” and “flatten the curve”. In-person meetings were postponed then canceled, while virtual events and conferences became the norm. We know 2021 will continue to be challenging and priorities might very well change by the time March rolls around, but we hope you will still join us for some fun and learning!

If you’re organizing a virtual party, here are instructions on how to fill out your bracket as a group with Zoom polls:

In Step 2 above, the A-B choices would look like this in the bracket:

And if you need a Zoom background for your virtual party… 
To download: 16:9 | 16:9 Reversed | 4:3 | 4:3 Reversed

A look back at NephMadness 2020 Virtual Parties:

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