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To coincide with National Kidney Month eAJKD is proud to present NephMadness 2014. NephMadness is a month-long celebration of all things kidney. We have teamed up with national leaders from unique corners of nephrology to deliver the best basketball-themed nephrology contest found anywhere in the world. The primary goal of NephMadness is to offer educational content in a unique way that covers a diverse array of nephrology topics. From clinical care, to national initiatives, to basic science discoveries, no stone is left unturned. Building on the success of NephMadness 2013, we have made a number of changes to NephMadness 2014 in order to enhance the experience of the participant.

How do you interact with NephMadness 2014

To submit your picks in NephMadness 2014 go to the tourneytopia NephMadness site.

After you submit your picks you will need to register with your full name, username, email, and password (limit 5 per entrant). We also ask a few questions for a possible future paper (we also live by publish or perish). Deadline for completing your bracket is Wednesday March 26th at Noon EST. After that you will not be able to submit a bracket.

Scoring begins on Wednesday March 26th when we announce the winners of the first round. Leaderboards and each entry will be updated at the Tourneytopia NephMadness page. Detailed schedule of the tournament is posted below.

NephMadness 2014 Schedule
  • March 16, Sunday: The big dance. Submit your picks!
  • March 26, Wednesday:
    Noon EDT – Deadline for entering contest
    3pm EDT – First round results (1 point for correct picks). Scoring begins
  • March 28, Friday: Second round results (2 points for correct picks) and Sweet 16 named
  • March 30, Sunday: Sweet 16 results (3 points for correct picks) and Elite 8 named
  • April 2, Wednesday: Elite 8 results (4 points for correct picks) and the Final 4 named
  • April 4, Friday: The Final Four results (5 points for correct picks)
  • April 8, Tuesday: The NephMadness Champion crowned (6 points for correct pick)

Detailed scouting reports on all 64 nephrology concepts can be found on the eAJKD website. eAJKD is also where the winners and losers will be announced and news about the contest will be posted.

Most of the content and resources for NephMadness are also available at NephMadness.com.

Interact with NephMadness content by following eAJKD on twitter or by following the #NephMadness hashtag.

NephMadness is about the community. We want to show our appreciation of the community effort. Last year 7 independent bloggers went out and posted their views on NephMadness, this year we will be highlighting their efforts and will give the best blogger a NephMadness Coffee Mug, compliments of Joel and Matt.

NephMadness also was all over Twitter last year. This year we will be awarding a coffee mug to the best tweeter not associated with the contest. This will be judged on a secret mixture of quality and quantity.

Sophisticated Software

We have partnered with Tourneytopia to bring you the best NephMadness experience possible. You can easily pick your brackets online and track your progress throughout the tournament. eAJKD will do all the score keeping and provide a leaderboard.


NephMadness brought in top experts in diverse nephrology disciplines. The goal was to capture the vibrance and innovation that is occurring in the field of nephrology.

The 2014 NephMadness Selection Committee:

• Glenn Chertow: Renal Replacement Therapy
• Helbert Rondon: Electrolytes
• Warren Kupin: Poisons/Toxins
• Sarah Faubel: Acute Kidney Injury
• George Bakris: Hypertension
• David Goldfarb: Kidney Stones
• Stuart Shankland: Kidney Regeneration
• Jonathan Hogan: Biologics


2014-03 Dan with Primer

The person with the highest score will get:
– National Kidney Foundation’s Primer on Kidney Diseases
– Nephmadness coffee mug
AJKD t-shirt & hat

The next ten best scores will get NephMadness coffee mugs

(*See the scoring & rules, max of 5 entries per person)

Message from the NephMadness Team

Thank you for taking time to play NephMadness 2014. We hope that you enjoyed learning about nephrology in a fun and interactive way. This is produced by the contributors of eAJKD, with monetary, moral, and intellectual support from the editorial team at AJKD. There is no commercial interest supporting this work. It is purely a labor of love by its creators. This is intended for fun and education only, please no wagering.

Warren Kupin, Edgar Lerma, Kenar Jhaveri, Matt Sparks, Joel Topf

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