NephMadness 2015: What did the people say, round three

Microsoft ExcelScreenSnapz001Of the eight regional winners, The People agreed with the blue-ribbon panel in half:

  • Critical care bracket: Furosemide Stress Test
  • Obstetrics: sFlt1 in Preeclampsia
  • Genetics: APOL1
  • Vascular Surgery: Laparoscopic PD Placement

The highest number of votes went to APOL1 with 126, followed by Sacubitril in HF (PARADIGM-HF) at 108, and the Furosemide Stress Test at 103.

Bringing up the bottom were Open PD placement at 6, albumin as a nutritional marker at 9 along with autosomal recessive tubulointerstitial nephritis also at 9.

The three best Cinderellas (lowest vote total for teams that advanced) were:

  • Obesity: ESRD Risk Factor at 50 votes
  • HIVICK at 53 votes
  • Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors at 58 votes

The closest vote totals were in the Onconephrology Region:

  • Nephron sparing surgery at 66
  • Transplant after malignancy at 61
  • Over actual winner, Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor toxicity at 58


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