Top Ten #NephMadness Blog Posts

The AJKD Blog team is gearing up for NephMadness, which officially starts tomorrow! Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know about this exciting educational game.

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ICYMI, we’ve been counting down the Top Ten* NephMadness blog posts over at Facebook and Twitter (side note: like/follow us for daily updates from AJKD). We’ve compiled them here in reverse order, and hope you’re able to catch up on any post that you may have missed when it was originally posted.

10. Infectious Disease and Nephrology (2015)

9. Glomerulus Region – Podocyte Group (2013)

8. Missteps in Nephrology (2016)

7. Obstetric Nephrology (2015)

6. Palliative Care and Nephrology (2016)

5. The Heart and Kidney Connection (2015)

4. Critical Care Nephrology (2015)

3. ProCESS ARISE ProMISe and the promise of Early Goal Directed Therapy (2015)

2. Hypertension (2016)

1. Collecting Tubule Region – Principal Cell Group (2013)

Bonus Editors’ Pick: Dr. Coyne tells his role in the Normalization of Hemoglobin story (2016)

Happy reading!

*Note: The Top Ten posts do not include very helpful guides such as NephMadness for Dummies or Welcome to NephMadness 2015.

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