AJKD Podcast: Vaccines for Patients with CKD

We’re excited to introduce the AJKD Podcast to readers of the blog!In this first episode, Holly Kramer @kramer_holly (AJKD In Practice Editor), Timothy Yau @Maximal_Change (AJKD Social Media Editor), and Harish Seethapathy @BetterCallSeeth (AJKD Editorial Intern), discuss a recent In Practice on vaccines by Krueger et alClick here to listen.

Immunization Recommendations for Adult Patients with Kidney Disease. Table 1 from Krueger et al, AJKD © National Kidney Foundation.


To view Krueger et al (subscription required) and other In Practice articles, please visit AJKD.org

Title: Practical Guide to Vaccination in All Stages of CKD, Including Patients Treated by Dialysis or Kidney Transplantation
Authors:Karen M. Krueger, Michael G. Ison, and Cybele Ghossein
DOI: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2019.06.014


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