#NephMadness 2020 Champion: SGLT2i Without Diabetes Mellitus

NephMadness 2020 officially kicked off on March 13th, 2020, with 32 teams in 8 regions. Today, we reveal the Champion as voted by the Blue Ribbon Panel:

The final game didn’t disappoint anyone watching. It was a very close game before the crowd favorite, SGLT2i Without DM, was able to close the deal and win with a last-second jump shot for victory over Percutaneous AVF Creation

SGLT2i Without DM wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

“Yay! Innovation, innovation, innovation…Percutaneous AVF Creation for the win!!!!”

“I’m encouraged that Percutaneous AVF Creation has progressed this far. The fistula is one of the most challenging aspects of dialysis. Current AVFs cause more discomfort and suffering than one can imagine. If you desire to be an excellent nephrologist, get well acquainted with the Percutaneous AVF. And, no, I’m not on a retainer for these two companies.”

“Wow, this is tough. Final round! pAVF is the pretty boy of 2020 while SGLTi sans DM is the holy grail of 2020; the hare and the tortoise, penicillin v polio vaccine, Biden v Sanders, Big Mac v the Impossible Whopper. I cut my academic teeth on RAASi in diabetic nephropathy being involved in both the Captopril trial and the IDNT, with @Rush_Nephrology being the epicenter of the Collaborative Study Group that ran the studies. Renoprotection changed an inevitability (not if but when) to a, ‘You are doing so well, let’s just keep our fingers crossed.’ I am voting for SGLTi because I think it has the most potential impact. Plain and simple. I doubt the Blue Ribbon Panel will agree as pAVF is just too tempting. High tech, very cool, very 2020. But I am voting with my brain and my heart here.”

“I believe SGLT2i Without DM will have more impact on the current nephrology practice, taking into account that CKD is far more prevalent than kidney failure.”

“The beauty of percutaneous AVF creation is more than skin deep. And for that reason, it’s the real MVP of NephMadness!”

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How to Claim CME and MOC
US-based physicians can earn 1.0 CME credit and 1.0 MOC point for reading this region.

  1. Register/log in to the NKF’s Professional Education Resource Center (PERC). If you select “Physician” in the drop-down menu during registration, the ABIM ID will pop up – make sure to complete this during registration to receive MOC points after course completion.
  2. Review the activity, disclosure, and accreditation information.
  3. Click “Continue” and review Course Instructions.
  4. Complete Post-Test. Please note: By selecting “Yes” to the participation questions for each region, the corresponding Post-Test questions will appear. Click “Save Draft” to save your responses and finish later. When you are ready to submit your answers, click “Preview” to review all responses, then click “Submit.”
  5. Click “Next” to complete the Evaluation form, then click“Submit.”
  6. Claim 1.0 CME credit and 1.0 MOC point per region (up to 8.0 total for 8 regions of NephMadness).
  7. Save/print your certificate.

The CME and MOC activity will expire on June 13th, 2020.


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