COVID-19 Pandemic and CKD Population Health: An Interview

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In a recent Policy Forum published in AJKD, Tummalapalli et al outline COVID-19–related payment and regulatory changes and their implications for CKD care delivery and the AAKH Initiative. The authors recommend actions for health systems and national professional organizations to achieve optimal equitable CKD population health in the context of COVID-19 and kidney policy transformation. AJKD’s Social Media Editor, Timothy Yau, interviews two of the authors, Drs Sri Lekha Tummalapalli and Mallika Mendu:

If the embedded player above doesn’t work, please click here to watch the video interview. Special thanks to Drs Tummalapalli @LTummalapalli and Mendu for agreeing to do the interview!

Table 1 from Tummalapalli et al, AJKD © National Kidney Foundation

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Title: The COVID-19 Pandemic Converges With Kidney Policy Transformation: Implications for CKD Population Health
Author: Sri Lekha Tummalapalli, Neil Warnock, and Mallika L. Mendu
DOI: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2020.10.004


Policy Forum highlights aspects of nephrology relating to payment and social policy, legislation, regulation, demographics, politics, and ethics, contextualizing these issues as they relate to the lives and practices of members of the kidney community, including providers, payers, and patients.



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