#NephMadness 2021: The Left and Right Kidney

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Liquid Biopsy Region vs ICU Nephrology Region

Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU had all the right timing in this matchup with Microscopy Techniques. Despite a well played game by Microscopy Techniques, Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU went into the final 30 seconds with a slight lead and were able to draw the foul and hit the free throws leading to victory. 

Dialysis Timing in Surgical ICU wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

I anticipate my vote was influenced as I just came off a week of being on inpatient service where we had multiple ‘discussions’ with our surgical colleagues regarding when RRT would be appropriate versus making the numbers (BUN/Cr) look better.

This is a tough one, but the essence of this field is looking at the urine; dialysis timing is still debated all these years and will be in spite of the studies.

Since there doesn’t seem to be consensus on when to start KRT in surgical/critically ill patients, my vote goes to what I see as most potentially helpful to me in my gen med practice. Bring on the light microscopes and the centrifuges! And please, don’t ask me to taste the sediment. (Yuck.)


Workforce Region vs Artificial Kidney Region

Sadly, Team Medical Student Interest’s Cinderella run finally ended today. This tight matchup of two up and coming teams was won on a last second buzzer beater by Implantable Bioartificial Kidney that was nothing but net. 

Implantable Bioartificial Kidney wins 5-4

Comments from the BRP:

Increasing medical student interest in nephrology is a personal goal (I am a mentor to several and involved at the medical school level). However, I believe we have begun to address that issue and continue to have an extensive dialogue. Just as important is generating interest in our field through new developments (SGLT2i and artificial kidneys). We had a period of time when there was not a lot new. Hopefully we are entering a more dynamic period.

Tough choice but going with Implantable Bioartificial Kidney because if successful, in the next 5 years, it is most likely to impact patient lives positively. Bottom line – whatever we do, we are doing for the patient! Reinvigorating medical student interest leading to more committed nephrologists coming down the pipeline is the way to go, but unlikely to be that impactful in the next 5 years – more of a long-term benefit that we will see down the road.

Students will be our legacy but the implantable kidney would be a game changer for patients.

Would an implantable bioartificial kidney be a game changer? Yes. But not without any nephrologists to help explain it to general internists like me. The med student nephrology pipeline is essential to any and all of these developments. PERIOD.

Implantable Bioartificial Kidney — The future of Nephrology.


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