#NephMadness 2023: The Winners

Now that we have revealed the NephMadness 2023 Championteam Organ Pool from the Access to Kidney Transplantation region, we are excited to announce the winners below!

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Grand Prizes

Each Grand Prize winner will receive a one-year online subscription to Advances in Kidney Disease and Health and Nature Reviews Nephrology.

TOP OVERALL SCORE: Andrea Sofía Alvarez Muñoz @AngieAsam24

“I am a recent graduate from the Nephrology Fellowship Program at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Spain. My favorite part about Nephmadness is the chance to learn and update your knowledge while you can share opinions and discuss medical topics with your colleagues in a funny and simple way. In fact, this is the second year my friends and I have signed up for it, we have encouraged each other to participate and we have even offered an internal prize for the winner.”

TOP MEDICAL STUDENT SCORE: Adam Kelly @__adamkelly__

“I am a fourth year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. NephMadness is a great way to interact with the Nephrology community and learn about interesting, compelling topics in the field. I submitted a bracket because it looked fun!”

TOP RESIDENT SCORE: Michael Strader @Mike_Strader

“I am a Doctor at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, and a lecturer at the University College Dublin. The Nephrology community has always attracted me because of their energetic quest for knowledge and inclusivity. NephMadness is only the tip of the iceberg that keeps our community engaged and excited about the advances in medicine. I look forward to this competition each year to witness the excitement and passion that got me excited in the field to begin with. Receiving the ‘Top Resident’ trophy is my nerdy dream come true and I can’t wait to see what the following years bring.”


“I am a Renal Medicine Registrar (ST4) at Hammersmith Hospital in London, United Kingdom. I’m a newcomer to NephMadness and to the format. It was very informative, but also light-hearted and fun. A great evening with colleagues! (#Westisbest).”

Social Prizes

BEST BLOGGER: Morgan Reid @_morganreid

“I wrote this commentary because patients are the heart of all we do at the National Kidney Foundation. We want to continue having conversations about transplantation, especially how hard it is for some populations to achieve access to the transplant waitlist. As a kidney recipient myself, I was deeply honored to be invited to participate in NephMadness to amplify this topic. My favorite part about participating was following along on the competitive fun via Twitter!”

BEST TWEETER: Kidney Rebel @kidneyrebel

“My favorite part of NephMadness is the #BlueRibbonFail comments! I love the passion, the strongly held beliefs, and the entertainment as we lead a revolution in kidney care. I have very much enjoyed participating in NephMadness for the last six years as a way to learn about many Nephrology topics, read the always interesting commentaries, and experience the thrill of victory and agony of defeat as the winners of each round are announced. I’m looking forward to NephMadness 2024!”

Group Prizes

HIGHEST-SCORING GROUP: University of Arizona Nephrology @AZ_Neph

“Submitting a group bracket for Nephmadness provided us with the opportunity to bring the University of Arizona nephrology community together. This year, we were so excited to have our medical students and residents join the nephrology fellows and attendings for our Nephmadness event. We had so much fun sharing our collective experiences and knowledge while in pursuit of a winning bracket. Thank you, Nephmadness, for a great event! See you all next year!” – Ryan Wong @Ry_nW_ng


“We have been taking part in NephMadness for a few years now and have won the Best Party prize and individual grand prizes, too. We take our fun seriously and participate eagerly each year. We try to show young doctors that nephrology, although challenging, can be fun!” – Alicja Rosolowska @alunieczka

BEST PARTY: Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Nephrology @Neph_KBTH

“The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Nephrology situated in Ghana’s busy capital, Accra, is home to a small yet thriving Nephrology department. Six new fellows in training were recently welcomed by the department, which is a record-high number. The unit has made substantial contributions to research into the genetics of CKD through the H3 Africa Network. Our fellows’ training has been greatly aided by the mentorship of @DwomoaAdu, @BoimaVincent, and @KwakyiEdward. We made the decision to play NephMadness in order to increase the training’s engagement and spark interest in the discipline of nephrology. A few weeks prior to the competition, one of our fellows gave a presentation outlining the game’s rules as part of this novel strategy. #NephMadness was a new experience for the majority of the team members, making it a thrilling journey for all. To further engage with the game, the team created a Twitter account, @neph_KBTH, marking the first time the department has ventured into social media territory (#nephtwitter). We started out a little slowly, but our colleague @m_tufuor‘s enthusiasm and energy spread to the rest of us (@DrAdutwum, @victorekem, @OkangYvonne, and @AkyeampongIsaac). Soon we were all reading and bringing forth arguments to support which bracket we believed would win. We’ve never experienced such discussions before and this was undoubtedly our favorite part of playing #NephMadness. The party, of course, was a perk. We have all grown a little more passionate about Nephrology and are even more driven to improve Nephrology care in Ghana.”

Honorable Mentions: All the NephMadness Cakes!


Congratulations to The Winners of NephMadness 2023!

Special thanks to Sarah Pratta from Elsevier and Susan Allison from NRN for the complimentary subscriptions to Advances in Kidney Disease and Health and Nature Reviews Nephrology.

The winner of the Top Attending Prize wishes to remain anonymous. For more details on the determination of winners and prizes in general, please see NephMadness 2023 Rules.

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