NephMadness 2016: The Effluent Eight

The first round results had a number of upsets. The second round represents the regional champions. Did the Blue Ribbon Panel break your heart and your bracket? Tweet your reaction and score with hashtag: #Effluent8

Hypertension Region

BP for Kidney Protection continues to defy gravity (and reason) and defeated Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in a disputed 4-3 match.

Comments from the panel:

While I think ABPM can be quite valuable, I tried it on myself once. The ABPM ended up on the floor at about 3am. Technical foul.

Palliative Care Region

Conservative Care rolled over Palliative Care Consult with a decisive 5-2 victory.

Comments from the panel:

Tough call here in a game that comes down to the wire. I guess this is an ultimatum on overtime rules, and this needs to be an individualized and educated decision.

International Nephrology

CKDu is starting to look for like the international juggernaut some feared as it crushed International organ procurement 5-2.

Comments from the panel:

Mesoamerican nephropathy is the elephant in the room. Why now? Is this related in part to heat? Will this be more widespread as the planet warms?

Missteps in Nephrology

Normalization of Hemoglobin continued to take no prisoners as it destroyed Steroids for Membranous 7-0. That is only one dissenting vote in the first two rounds.

Comments from the panel:

A game played at altitude = front rimming shots in the second half.

Transplant (Basic Science)

‘Omics’ easily dispatched Tregs in Transplant 6-1. Dominating.

Recreational Drugs and the Kidney

Cocaine was down 3-1 in early voting but closed strong among the stragglers to outlast Synthetic Cannabinoids 4-3 at the buzzer.

Comments from the panel:

Back to the Future, Part 2?

Pediatric Nephrology

I think our panel may be showing its adult nephrology bias with Atypical HUS destroying Prophylactic Antibiotics 6-1.

Statistics for Nephrologists

Pragmatic Trials had a strong game and were able to put down the Bayesians 5-2.

Comments from the panel:

The pragmatic clinical trial – the future is now (at least once the human protection rules are updated, which requires an act of Congress, which means that the future isn’t now). But I can be a trial DREAMer. I have to take Perry’s lead on this. He is way smarter than me.

The Effluent 8

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NephMadness 2016

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