#NephMadness 2019: Logo Reveal

Presenting the logo for #NephMadness 2019:

Peter Dong (@peter_dong11) created our logo this year (and last year as well) – you can check out more of his work here.

NephMadness | #NephMadness | @NephMadness

Save the date for NephMadness 2019, scheduled to begin March 15, 2019.

Until then, relive all the past madness-es!

NephMadness 2018

NephMadness 2017

(Thanks to @KidneyCathy for producing the videos)


NephMadness 2016 | Full-size Bracket PDF


NephMadness 2015 | Full-size Bracket PDF


NephMadness 2014 | Full-size Bracket PDF


NephMadness 2013 | Full-size Bracket PDF

Never heard of NephMadness??? Read this explanatory post. Or watch this year’s explainer video prepared by @KidneyCathy:

We are hard at work organizing the 7th edition of NephMadness, and hope to see increased participation in 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

-NephMadness Exec Team (Joel Topf, Matt Sparks, Tim Yau, and Anna Burgner).



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