Top Ten AJKDBlog Posts of 2018

Happy New Year from AJKD!

Did you miss our daily countdown of the Top Ten* blog posts of 2018 over at Facebook and Twitter? Catch up with the full list below. Happy reading!

10. New Anticoagulants in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Beacon in the Darkness by Ed Gould

9. “Green Smoothie” Oxalate Nephropathy by Tim Yau

8. RAAS Blockade in Advanced CKD: A Serpentine Path by Roger Rodby

7. Sweet Pee: Do SGLT2 Inhibitors Prevent and/or Slow the Progression of Diabetic Kidney Disease? by Anna Burgner

6. Left Ventricular Assist Devices and Kidney Function: An Overview for Nephrologists by Tim Yau

5. Hypertension Canada 2018 Update by Swapnil Hiremath

4. PD or HD: Which Road Do We Take? by Roger Rodby

3. Lower Blood Pressure, Higher Creatinine? No Need to Worry! by Swapnil Hiremath

2. Changes in ISN/RPS Classification of Lupus Nephritis by Parmjeet Randhawa

1. Portable and Implantable Artificial Kidneys: AWAK, WAK, and IAK, oh my! by Diana Mina


*Note: The Top Ten posts only include posts that went up in 2018 and do not include the popular NephMadness entries.



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