Top Ten AJKDBlog Posts of 2017

Happy New Year from AJKD!

ICYMI, we’ve been counting down the Top Ten* blog posts of 2017 over at Facebook and Twitter (side note: like/follow us for daily updates from AJKD). We’ve compiled them here in reverse order so you can catch up on any post that you may have missed when it was originally posted. Happy reading!

10. KDIGO Guidelines on Living Kidney Donors: A Call for A Paradigm Shift by Beatrice Concepcion

9. Test Your Knowledge: Common Symptoms in Dialysis Patients by Miguel A. Cota Vargas and Jean Francis

8. Management of Gout in the CKD Patient…Not So Different After All! by Ed Gould

7. Impact of IgA Nephropathy on Pregnancy by Anna Burgner

6. Spin the Wheel! Another Option for IgA Nephropathy: MMF with Low Dose Prednisone by William L. Whittier

5. Dialysis Initiation in Patients with Poor Prognosis: An Opportunity to Reflect by Ritu Soni

4. The Long and Winding Road: What We Think We Know About The Treatment of Proliferative Lupus Nephritis by Roger Rodby

BONUS Part 2: The Good News and the Good News About the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis

3. Food and Kidney Disease by Timothy Yau

2. KDIGO CKD-MBD Updated Guideline: The More We Know, The Less We Know by Joel Topf

1. Hypertension Canada’s 2017 Guidelines by Swapnil Hiremath


*Note: The Top Ten posts only include posts that went up in 2017 and do not include the popular NephMadness entries.



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