Top Ten #NephMadness Regions

Only one week until we reveal the NephMadness 2021 bracket on Monday, March 1!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Have you scheduled a date to complete your group bracket yet?

We’ve been doing a daily countdown on Twitter of the Top Ten Region Posts from the last 9 years of NephMadnesses. If you missed it, catch up below!

        10. SGLT2i (2020)

9. Plasma Exchange (2019)

8. Hepatorenal (2019)

7. Hyperkalemia (2020)

6. Collecting Tubule Region – Principal Cell Group (2013)

5. Volume Assessment (2019)

4. Hospitalist Nephrology (2019)

3. Contrast (2018)

2. Hypertension (2019)

1. Hyponatremia (2018)

Happy reading!

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*Note: The Top Ten posts do not include very helpful guides such as Welcome to #NephMadness 2019 and Let the Games Begin! 


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